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Galvanised Steel Wire Mesh

Galvanisation is designed to reduce rust and corrosion by coating metal with zinc.

Locker galvanised steel wire mesh and wire cloth is galvanised using a technique of ‘wiping’ the wire with a thin coating of zinc prior to weaving. This process ensures that the steel wire has a perfectly smooth and even finish ready for weaving into woven wire mesh and wire cloth.

Galvanised steel provides a comparatively long maintenance-free service life for steel wire mesh.  

Galvanised Steel 16/16 (1220mm x 30.5m)

Galvanised Steel 16/16 (1220mm x 30.5m)

Commonly used for Insect and Fly Screening. More...

Galvanised Steel 8/8 (450mm x 450mm)

Galvanised Steel 8/8 (450mm x 450mm

Commonly used for Bee Keeping and Casting Foundry/Gate Screens. More...

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